What to Drink in Italy Beyond the Wines

Everybody knows that Italians drink more wine per capita than any other population in the world. While this is true, there are also a variety of interesting Italian potables to be discovered beyond the exalted vini that remain relatively unknown outside of Italy.

However, for the uninitiated foreigner, figuring out what to drink in Italy other than a Brunello or Barolo can be an intimidating endeavor, and rightly so. As is the case in so many other aspects of  life, Italians apparently don’t feel obligated to follow our “logical rules.” In fact, it can seem like they take some pleasure in confusing us.

Yes, the question of “what to drink in Italy” is a complex one. The word “bar” doesn’t even mean the same thing. And when you hear the English term “Happy Hour,” what they really mean is aperitivo; having more to do with stimulating the appetite and chatting with your friends than pounding drinks after work. Go figure.

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